Bath Ritual

  • Romantic Flower Bath Sensation

    120 Minutes
    Flower bath sensation with Aromatherapy massage include body mask and combine beautiful colorful flowers on bath tub. Tradition holds that bathing in the frequency or energy of blooms quite literally supports the blossoming and flourishing of life. It was believed that you receive the healing energies of the plants, which can help you cleanse unwanted energies, find a sense of calm and grounding, and realign with what’s most important to you so you can more easily let go of the rest.

  • Tropical Fruit Bath

    120 Minutes
    One beautiful way with Aromatherapy massage include body mask and with a ritual citrus and cucumber bath. Perfect for any time of year with vitamin C intake, bathing in citrus and cucumber can relax, restore, strengthen or purify to boost the immune system and spiritual holistic energy.